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Written on Jun 25 // Filled under: Anita B,News

Roberto Faenza, the director of “Anita B”, reveals more about the story and characters in an interview for Repubblica.it.

The interview is in Italian and it contains significant movie spoilers.

We bring the most interesting parts of the interview (minus the big spoilers), especially those related to Robert’s character, Eli. (Minor spoilers follow):

Roberto Faenza has wrapped up filming Anita B. in Bolzano, based on Edith Bruck’s Quanta stella c’è nel cielo. Anita, a girl of Hungarian origins, is a survivor. She’s not even sixteen yet, she looks like a child: braids, shy smile. She escaped from an orphanage in Hungary and her aunt, Monika, takes her in her house. Nobody wants to hear about the past; but Anita wants to remember and build her future with Eli, the young lad she fell in love with.

“The movie – Faenza says – is a message of hope, it’s about the will power of this girl who, survived from a hell to another, finds the ability to react, an enviable female characteristic. Women have the strength to resist. Eli loves Anita in his own way, but she’s capable of loving so intensely that it scares him”.

Source: Repubblica.it | Translation: Sheehangroupie

Anita B is set for release in January 2014.

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