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Written on Aug 16 // Filled under: Articles,Misfits

In a new interview, Robert talks about his past and future roles, Hollywood and weird interview questions:

Misfits made your name. Was it hard to say goodbye to your character Nathan after only two series?

I was immensely grateful for Misfits. We were young actors and were really whipped into shape. We had no idea what we were making. We were just down in Thamesmead getting weird looks from the locals. But I had a great time and there were lots of interesting offers going on. It sounds odd but it never felt like there was any kind of risk in leaving. I thought I’d just go off and do something else.

[…] For upcoming film The Road Within you play a man with Tourette’s syndrome. How big a change of mood is that?

It was the most difficult thing I’ve had to prepare for. I was desperate to get it right and I’ve been practising all the tics and things for ages. To misrepresent people with that condition would be a crying shame. It would have broken my heart. Here’s hoping I pulled it off.

Source: metro.co.uk

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