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Fly High! has posted a review of Quanta Stella C’e’ Nel Cielo by Edith Bruck, the book that Anita B is based on. This is a great opportunity to find more about the plot of Anita B. It’s a rare English review of the book (all of the reviews available are in Italian since the book is not translated into English).

The review offers a great insight on Robert’s character Eli and his backstory. There are also some spoilers so keep this in mind if you wish to read the full review.

Anita , who’s only 16, has just the great Hungarian poet Petöfi ‘s lines to warm her heart and little else sweet left in her mind. She keeps so many ripping memories inside herself, memories nobody wants to listen to. But why is nobody interested in her painful memories? Why does everybody wish to avoid talking about the war? She deeply suffers the situation which isolates her from the rest of the world and makes her feel extremely lonely and even guilty. She craves for love and understanding and this will bring her to accept and misjudge Eli’s attentions towards her.

Read the full review at the Fly High!

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Herald.ie brings a short article about Robert’s involvement in Roberto Faenza’s upcoming film Anita B. According to the article, the filming will wrap at the end of this month in Prague:

The star [Robert Sheehan] posted a picture of himself and co-star Eline Powell in a shot that is reminiscent of Vittorio De Sica’s 1948 classic film The Bicycle Thieves, as Robert pushes a vintage bike through the streets.

He holds a rolled up cigarette between his fingers and wears a heavy flat cap. A thick woolly scarf is draped around his neck.

It’s a very different guise for the actor – who became famous for his blue hoodie and leather jacket combo in IFTA-winning series Love/Hate.

Directed by Roberto Faenza, the upcoming film is based on award- winning novel Quanta Stella C’e Nel Cielo – which roughly translates to ‘How many stars are there in the sky’.

The film is set in Hungary in 1945 just after the end of World War II. It follows 16-year-old Anita who survived a concentration camp. Robert plays the central role of Eli – an insensitive young man who doesn’t give two hoots about the trauma Anita has been through.

Filming will wrap at the end of this month in Prague and the film is due to be released in 2014.

Source: Herald.ie

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Andrea Osvart posted a new picture with Robert:

Seems like Anita B shooting in Italy has been completed.

However, a recent interview with the film’s make-up artist, Francesca Tampieri, published on May 16, reveals plans for Anita B to be completed in Prague:

The filming will wrap up at the end of May in Prague, but at this moment, the set of “Anita B”, Roberto Faenza’s new film, co-produced by Italy, Hungary and USA, filmed in English and adapted from Edith Bruck’s novel “Quanta stella c’è nel cielo”, is still in Bolzano.

Translation: Veronika S.

In other news, seems like the release date for The Mortal Instruments has been changed from August 23 to August 21.

Sources: @AndreaOsvart | AbruzzoWeb | Examiner

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Alto Adige posted more pictures of Robert on the set of Anita B:

There are also several interior set pics so make sure to check them out.

And a set pic from Cinema & Video International:

Source: Alto Adige
Source: Cinema & Video International

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One more picture of Robert on the set of Anita B:

Source: Pertoll Patrick Heiner

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Another picture from the Anita B set:

Source: BLS.info

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