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Anita B has now made it onto IMDb with Robert, Eline Powell and Antonio Cupo as the currently listed cast.

The page lists 28 January 2014 as the Italian release date of the movie. Check out the page here.

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Some new information on Anita B has been released – including the name of Robert’s character, which appears to be Eli – and we can confirm that the movie will be in English.

Roberto Faenza has started shooting his new film, Anita B., in Bolzano, Italy, with an international cast: Robert Sheehan, Eline Powell, Antonio Cupo, Nico Mirallegro are among the young protagonists. The movie is based on a novel by Edith Bruck (read about her HERE), titled Quanta stella c’è nel cielo, which, for what I know, hasn’t been translated into English so far…

Anita who’s only 16, has one of the great Hungarian poet’s books and little else left, but she keeps many ripping memories inside herself. She survived the concentration camp, is beautiful and sensitive, life trials have tattoed her soul forever. She’s running away from a Hungarian orphanage to join her aunt, Monika. Eli, Monika’s young brother-in-law, meets Anita at the border to accompany her in a journey through Czechoslovakia, where she finds herself a clandestine in a world still in turmoil.

Eli (Robert Sheehan) doesn’t seem to care about her past, her wounds: the young man is attracted by her body and as soon as they start their journey in a train, overcrowded by a vagabond multitude, he starts harassing her in a cruel, cynical game. Quanta stella c’è nel cielo is full of unexpected twists and turns. It tells how the journey from death to life is possible and how the path to hope sometimes follows unforeseeable schemes.

The movie will be shot completely in English like Roberto Faenza’s previous movie, “Un giorno questo dolore ti sarà utile” (Someday This Pain Will Be Useful to You), which was based on Peter Cameron’s best selling novel.

Source: Fly High!

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And again! Robert has spoiled us by tweeting another picture from Anita B:


Source: @RobMSheehan

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Written on May 04 // Filled under: Anita B,Images

We have several new images for you today! One was tweeted by Robert himself:

And Alto Adige posted several pictures from the set:

Source: @RobMSheehan
Source: Alto Adige

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Nico Mirallegro posted a picture including Robert from the Anita B set:

Source: @NicoMirallegro

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There have been rumours that Robert is filming in Italy, and several articles may hold information on the project:

Funding towards production costs will also go to Anita B. by Roberto Faenza, produced by Jean Vigo Italia and co-produced by Cinemaundici. The story, written by the director himself, together with Edith Bruck, is set in Hungary in 1945. World War II has just come to a close and Anita, 16, is set to face new challenges, having just survived the concentration camps. The international cast includes Eline Powell, Robert Sheehan and Andrea Osvart. Support from BLS will amount to €400,000.

Source: Cineuropa

Film Fund & Commission of South Tyrol for the first call of 2013 granted the loan to the film” Anita B.” (working title) by Roberto Faenza, produced by Jean Vigo Italy and co-produced by Cinemaundici. The story, written by the director himself along with Edith Bruck, and ‘set in Hungary in 1945. The Second World War and ‘just ended and Anita, 16 years old, having survived the concentration camps, must’ take on new challenges with courage and determination to be able to realize their dreams. sees The project involved an international cast that includes Eline Powell , Robert Sheehan, Andrea Osvart, Jane Alexander and Antonio Cupo. Support for the film by the BLS ‘of 400,000.00 Euro. the film will be ‘shot between Bolzano and its surroundings.

Source: Asca.it (via Google Translate)

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