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Robert talks about his role in Love/Hate series 4:

The Portlaoise native has confirmed he will be back for less than a minute when season four airs later this year.

In the brief montage sequence, Robert will lie on a mortuary slab while Nidge, Fran the Man and several other thugs pay their final respects.

“The day itself was just to whack off a couple of small things,” the 25-year-old actor said. “To be honest, the whole thing is: Darren’s dead.”

Robert said RTE made him don the infamous blue hoodie in an effort to trick fans into thinking he had survived being shot in the head.

“That was very much RTE going, ‘Let’s give them a red herring’,” he said.

“They even gave me the hoodie to wear because they knew there were photographers outside.”

Source: Herald.ie

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The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones opens today.

New interviews:

Source: heyuguys.co.uk

Source: Sugarscape

Video interview from Entertainment.ie:

I had the pleasure of sitting down with the stars of the movie – our very own Robert Sheehan, Phil Collins daughter Lily and the brooding Jamie Campbell Bower – for a quick chat about their crazy fans, the love triangle plot point that’s sure to get the young’uns toting ‘Team Simon’ and ‘Team Jace’ pickets and the very pertinent issue, plaguing society today: friendzoning.

Source: entertainment.ie

New interview with Robert:

The Love/Hate star can currently be seen in new teen fantasy adventure franchise, The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones.

And the 25-year-old has found the attention he’s getting from the novel-turned-movie franchise’s fans a little over-whelming at times.

Speaking to the Irish Post in London earlier this week, former Misfits star Sheehan compared the hysteria around his first Hollywood adventure to “Beatlemania”.

He said: “Comic Con (a US comic book conference) was my first real direct experience of the expectation [and] first eye-witness experience.

“I’m not a very savvy social media person, I’m not on checking the traffic, I don’t really know how to use Twitter very well.

Source: irishpost.co.uk

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In a new interview, Robert talks about his past and future roles, Hollywood and weird interview questions:

Misfits made your name. Was it hard to say goodbye to your character Nathan after only two series?

I was immensely grateful for Misfits. We were young actors and were really whipped into shape. We had no idea what we were making. We were just down in Thamesmead getting weird looks from the locals. But I had a great time and there were lots of interesting offers going on. It sounds odd but it never felt like there was any kind of risk in leaving. I thought I’d just go off and do something else.

[…] For upcoming film The Road Within you play a man with Tourette’s syndrome. How big a change of mood is that?

It was the most difficult thing I’ve had to prepare for. I was desperate to get it right and I’ve been practising all the tics and things for ages. To misrepresent people with that condition would be a crying shame. It would have broken my heart. Here’s hoping I pulled it off.

Source: metro.co.uk

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The final episode of Love/Hate series 1 airs today at 10pm on Channel 5.

Robert talks about reactions to his Love/Hate series 4 set appearance:

Love/Hate star Robert Sheehan found it “hilarious” being the centre of attention when he returned as Darren.

The actor admitted he couldn’t stop chuckling when his picture turned up on the front of the Irish Mirror after filming a number of dream sequences for the upcoming series of the RTE hit.

And the 25-year-old pin-up – who was “freezing my gonads off” during the shoot – believes the obsession around him is because Love/Hate has become a massive part of our culture.

Speaking about his return to the crime drama for the first time, the Co Laois-born actor said he feels for fans who thought he had miraculously survived being gunned down.

He added: “It was unceremonious and quick but lovely. It was like no time had passed, we just got back to do it.

“But I was only back for a quick thing. But being papped and the subsequent photos being on the front page of the papers was hilarious.

“And of course RTE, being PR gurus themselves, were fanning the fire a bit. We all said, ‘That could come back to bite you on the arse RTE,’ but whatever.

“It’s a testament to the fact the show became culturally relevant and that’s really pleasing when something you do is not only good but also enters into the cultural consciousness.

“Misfits did that a little bit, and Love/Hate in Ireland did that.

“That’s why, as an actor, I’m so well known for those parts because those shows affected the culture. That’s pretty amazing.”

Source: IrishMirror.ie

Pick of the day: Love/Hate:

AS Channel 5’s gritty four-part Irish crime drama starring Aidan Gillen, Robert Sheehan and Brian Gleeson concludes, some unwelcome faces interrupt the festivities as Trish and Nidge finally marry.

Source: Express.co.uk

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A recent article details Robert’s method for preparing for his role in The Road Within. Robert’s character, Vincent, has Tourette’s syndrome. The story follows Vincent breaking out of a residential home with his OCD roomate (Dev Patel) and an anorexic woman (Zoe Kravitz) to take his mother’s ashes to the ocean.

Robert has been hanging out with sufferers of Tourette’s syndrome in order to understand their predicament.

The Laois native will play a young man suffering from the disorder in The Road Within.

And Robert says learning about Tourette’s has been an eye-opener.

“It’s exciting but absolutely terrifying. I’ve been hanging around with people who have Tourette’s a lot recently,” he explained.

The disorder is characterised by involuntary physical and vocal tics.

Robert finds the prospect of portraying it on screen daunting.

“To represent it is terrifying. It could be either the best or worst performance of my career,” he said.

Source: Herald.ie

The Road Within was wrapped up last week. It should be released in 2014.

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The Irish Post reviewed the third episode of Love/Hate and gave it 4 out of 5 stars:

Channel 5 viewers already captivated by the Irish gangland drama were further enthralled as it scrambled towards its dénouement in the most exciting episode yet. […]

Moments of horror set against ordinary life appear to be an enduring theme in Love/Hate.

But this episode is not simply comprised of adrenalin-pumped violence and terror. It also offers a number of tender moments between dual protagonists Rosie and Darren, as we learn more about their relationship and yearn for their reconciliation.

Whereas the previous installments merely attempted to increase the drama through phone calls, last night’s offering succeeded in creating tension and dramatic irony in its final montage with characters desperately attempting to communicate with one another right up until the credits began to roll.

Source: The Irish Post

Stay tuned for the next week’s finale (to be aired on Channel 5 on August 14 at 10 pm).

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