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Our partner site, Robert Sheehan Source, has donated these HQ scans from Robert’s interview with 1883 magazine:


Many thanks to Robert Sheehan Source for the donation!

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The Love/Hate crew were out in force last night to cheer on Nidge as he took to the stage.

Actor Tom Vaughan-Lawlor is the star of gritty Dublin play Howie The Rookie and Love/Hate co-stars Peter Coonan (Fran), Laurence Kinlan (Elmo), Aidan Gillen (John Boy) and Robert Sheehan (Darren) all enjoyed a few beers at the Garage Bar in Temple Bar before heading across the road to the show.

Source: Herald.ie


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A few more details about The Road Within:

Sheehan will portray a man suffering from Tourette syndrome placed in a residential clinic, where he falls in love with an anorexic woman played by Kravitz. Patel will portray a man with obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Panorama represents the international rights and began selling the project at Cannes.

Source: Variety

Marie (Kravitz) and Vincent steal a doctor’s car, and then kidnap Vincent’s roommate Alex (Patel) after he catches them. The three of them go on a road trip.

Guy J. Louthan, Brent Emery and Troika Pictures’ Bradley Gallo, Robert L. Stein and Michael Helfant will produce the film, which begins shooting July 1 in Los Angeles.

Source: The Wrap

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Some news has surfaced about The Road Within, revealing that Robert’s character’s name is Vincent as well as the basic premise of the plot.

Pic follows Vincent (Sheehan), a young man with Tourette’s, whose mother dies leaving him in the care of his estranged politician father. Placed in a residential home while his dad hits the campaign trailer, Vincent breaks out with an anorexic woman (Kravitz) and his OCD roommate (Dev Patel) on a road trip to take his mother’s ashes to the ocean. The Road Within is adapted from the award-winning German film Vincent Will Meer and begins filming July 1 in LA.

Source: Deadline.com

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Some new information on Anita B has been released – including the name of Robert’s character, which appears to be Eli – and we can confirm that the movie will be in English.

Roberto Faenza has started shooting his new film, Anita B., in Bolzano, Italy, with an international cast: Robert Sheehan, Eline Powell, Antonio Cupo, Nico Mirallegro are among the young protagonists. The movie is based on a novel by Edith Bruck (read about her HERE), titled Quanta stella c’è nel cielo, which, for what I know, hasn’t been translated into English so far…

Anita who’s only 16, has one of the great Hungarian poet’s books and little else left, but she keeps many ripping memories inside herself. She survived the concentration camp, is beautiful and sensitive, life trials have tattoed her soul forever. She’s running away from a Hungarian orphanage to join her aunt, Monika. Eli, Monika’s young brother-in-law, meets Anita at the border to accompany her in a journey through Czechoslovakia, where she finds herself a clandestine in a world still in turmoil.

Eli (Robert Sheehan) doesn’t seem to care about her past, her wounds: the young man is attracted by her body and as soon as they start their journey in a train, overcrowded by a vagabond multitude, he starts harassing her in a cruel, cynical game. Quanta stella c’è nel cielo is full of unexpected twists and turns. It tells how the journey from death to life is possible and how the path to hope sometimes follows unforeseeable schemes.

The movie will be shot completely in English like Roberto Faenza’s previous movie, “Un giorno questo dolore ti sarà utile” (Someday This Pain Will Be Useful to You), which was based on Peter Cameron’s best selling novel.

Source: Fly High!

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A Misfits movie anyone? Iwan Rheon (who played the slightly odd Simon in the first three series alongside Robert Sheehan) has hinted at the very real possibility.

Speaking to Digital Spy, Rheon said: “I think I’d be an idiot not to do it… I think it’d be a really fun thing to go back and revisit, because obviously I feel so much love for Misfits and gratitude to them and those guys at Clerkenwell Films and E4, and how they gave me such a huge opportunity and gave me a lot of really challenging stuff to do while I was there. So yeah, if I get the opportunity, I’d love to…. In a way, I do still feel like it never really got finished. I thought the Simon storyline in the third series was quite rushed and you didn’t really get to see enough of it, for various reasons.

“I think it might happen. I think it’s quite likely that it will happen, yeah, if they can get everyone together to do it.”

One question remains, will Robert Sheehan be returning too? ‘Cause if not, we’re not overly enthused.

Source: Entertainment.ie

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