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Love/Hate season 4 premiered last night on RTÉ to a great success:

LOVE/HATE has proved it is still a television phenomenon, with a massive 970,600 viewers tuning in to watch the season four opener.

Nearly one million people tuned in to RTE One last night to see the return of gangland favourites Nidge, Tommy and Fran, as the high-octane drama returned to Irish screens.

Source: Independent.ie

Ireland’s most popular drama Love/Hate returned with hearts broken all over the country as confirmation came through that much-loved serial killer Darren is most definitely dead.

Source: Independent.ie

[…] Gang member Darren’s not coming back – except to haunt a guilt-ridden Nidge. We see him, for once without his blue hoody, on a slab in the morgue, blood congealing around his head – there’s nothing glamorous about gangland in Love/Hate any more.

Source: Irishtimes.com

Screencaps featuring Darren have been added to the gallery. (Trigger warning for gore):


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News on Love/Hate season 4:

The eagerly anticipated fourth season of RTÉ’s hit drama Love/Hate is set to be broadcast early next month.
While no official confirmation has been forthcoming from RTÉ, The Irish Times understands the date of commencement for the new season is October 6th.

The series, starring Tom Vaughan-Lawlor and Robert Sheehan, was extremely popular and was widely said to have broken new ground for the State broadcaster.

Speaking in April, RTÉ’s managing director of television Glen Killane said he envisaged the show going on for at least two more seasons.

He said a series like it needs to have 20 episodes to be viable for sale to an overseas audience and Love/Hate was approaching that figure.

He envisaged a fifth series of the drama, but it would be up to the production team to keep it going.

Source: irishtimes.com

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A new interview with Robert reveals his thoughts about doing 3 series of Love/Hate:

Though viewers of Love/Hate were devastated when his character was killed off in the finale of series three, Robert Sheehan says the show’s creator had actually prepared for the actor to leave the series earlier, so sure was everyone that the Laois native would be moving on to bigger and brighter things.

“Stuart Carolan, having finished the second one, said, ‘Well, we’ve lost you now, haven’t we?’ And my representation and the people around me were all saying that two series was enough and we should leave it. But I wanted to see what they’d do with the third series, and Stuart’s enthusiasm is just infectious. He got me really excited about doing a third series. So it was a no-brainer, and I was delighted to be in it. But there was an understanding that three series would be it. I’m glad I got to go out on a high. It’s an amazing show.

On the subject of the Mortal Instruments:

Sheehan says that the prospect of starring in a couple of blockbuster movies was part of the project’s appeal.

“I did love the script, there was a great sense of adventure about it, so I chased it feverishly. But yeah, maybe there was a part of me thinking I wanted to do a big, exciting movie that could maybe be turned into a series of movies. That’d be immense.”

He also talked about filming Anita B and arguing with director Roberto Faenza:

The Italian film-maker is known for his weighty political dramas rather than his people skills, as Robert discovered.

“Yeah, he’s not exactly an actor’s director! He’s quite an odd character, to be honest with you. He kicked me out of a scene once! We were always arguing – well, challenging each other, anyway – and we had some heated interactions. So I had one disagreement when I thought I knew what my character would do in one scene and he threw a tantrum and kicked me out. I mean, it was the end of the day and I was being unhelpful. He’s an intense guy. He just has very set ideas about things. Originally, he wanted the film to be called Welcome To Freedom, which is just so tacky and overt, but thankfully we convinced him to change it!”

Source: Hot Press

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Robert talks about his role in Love/Hate series 4:

The Portlaoise native has confirmed he will be back for less than a minute when season four airs later this year.

In the brief montage sequence, Robert will lie on a mortuary slab while Nidge, Fran the Man and several other thugs pay their final respects.

“The day itself was just to whack off a couple of small things,” the 25-year-old actor said. “To be honest, the whole thing is: Darren’s dead.”

Robert said RTE made him don the infamous blue hoodie in an effort to trick fans into thinking he had survived being shot in the head.

“That was very much RTE going, ‘Let’s give them a red herring’,” he said.

“They even gave me the hoodie to wear because they knew there were photographers outside.”

Source: Herald.ie

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To celebrate Love/Hate series 1 finale in the UK, I’m launching the new website section: fan reviews.

Tell us what you think about Love/Hate (series 1 or the whole show).

                                                                       FANS > FAN REVIEWS

The reviews will be part of the project’s individual page (to be launched soon).

This is only the first review page. I will open them one by one, starting from newly released projects. The next one will be for The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones (to be launched on August 21).

Post Your Review

You can send your review in several ways:

Contact Form | Email | Tumblr*

(*- You don’t have to have Tumblr to post)

You may also post your comments/opinions on the show here, directly in the comments.

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The final episode of Love/Hate series 1 airs today at 10pm on Channel 5.

Robert talks about reactions to his Love/Hate series 4 set appearance:

Love/Hate star Robert Sheehan found it “hilarious” being the centre of attention when he returned as Darren.

The actor admitted he couldn’t stop chuckling when his picture turned up on the front of the Irish Mirror after filming a number of dream sequences for the upcoming series of the RTE hit.

And the 25-year-old pin-up – who was “freezing my gonads off” during the shoot – believes the obsession around him is because Love/Hate has become a massive part of our culture.

Speaking about his return to the crime drama for the first time, the Co Laois-born actor said he feels for fans who thought he had miraculously survived being gunned down.

He added: “It was unceremonious and quick but lovely. It was like no time had passed, we just got back to do it.

“But I was only back for a quick thing. But being papped and the subsequent photos being on the front page of the papers was hilarious.

“And of course RTE, being PR gurus themselves, were fanning the fire a bit. We all said, ‘That could come back to bite you on the arse RTE,’ but whatever.

“It’s a testament to the fact the show became culturally relevant and that’s really pleasing when something you do is not only good but also enters into the cultural consciousness.

“Misfits did that a little bit, and Love/Hate in Ireland did that.

“That’s why, as an actor, I’m so well known for those parts because those shows affected the culture. That’s pretty amazing.”

Source: IrishMirror.ie

Pick of the day: Love/Hate:

AS Channel 5’s gritty four-part Irish crime drama starring Aidan Gillen, Robert Sheehan and Brian Gleeson concludes, some unwelcome faces interrupt the festivities as Trish and Nidge finally marry.

Source: Express.co.uk

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