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Love/Hate executive producer Suzanne McAuley has confirmed that Robert was on set of Love/Hate Season 4 for just one day:

Suzanne has revealed that Robert Sheehan – who plays Darren – only filmed for one day with the cast for season four and will just be featured in flashbacks.

She told TV Now: “I can say that Robert Sheehan was on set for just one day. I know Stuart Carolan has certainly spoken to a few people about that so I think I’m OK to say that.

“But it has been confirmed that Darren definitely died at the end of series three.”

Source: The Irish Daily Mirror (The article contains more spoilers for Season 4 of Love/Hate.)

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Love/Hate will premiere on UK Channel 5:

English TV audiences will be able to watch acclaimed RTÉ drama Love/Hate from next month.

Channel 5 will air all four episodes of the first series weekly from Wednesday July 17 at 9pm.

Source: The Irish Post

Love/Hate Channel 5 trailer:

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Roberto Faenza, the director of “Anita B”, reveals more about the story and characters in an interview for Repubblica.it.

The interview is in Italian and it contains significant movie spoilers.

We bring the most interesting parts of the interview (minus the big spoilers), especially those related to Robert’s character, Eli. (Minor spoilers follow):

Roberto Faenza has wrapped up filming Anita B. in Bolzano, based on Edith Bruck’s Quanta stella c’è nel cielo. Anita, a girl of Hungarian origins, is a survivor. She’s not even sixteen yet, she looks like a child: braids, shy smile. She escaped from an orphanage in Hungary and her aunt, Monika, takes her in her house. Nobody wants to hear about the past; but Anita wants to remember and build her future with Eli, the young lad she fell in love with.

“The movie – Faenza says – is a message of hope, it’s about the will power of this girl who, survived from a hell to another, finds the ability to react, an enviable female characteristic. Women have the strength to resist. Eli loves Anita in his own way, but she’s capable of loving so intensely that it scares him”.

Source: Repubblica.it | Translation: Sheehangroupie

Anita B is set for release in January 2014.

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As promised, the Hunger Magazine has posted another video of Robert and Paloma Faith:

In the second part of Robert Sheehan and Paloma Faith’s head to head the pair chat about the complexities of cross dressing and whether kids are on the cards before Rob offers up some (nearly) relationship advice for Paloma.

Source: Hunger TV

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The Hunger Magazine has posted a video of Robert interviewing Paloma Faith:

The outspoken Paloma Faith talks feminism, female heroes and tooth fairies with Robert Sheehan.

According to the site, this is the part one, so we can expect more in the future.

Source: Hunger TV

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A few more details about The Road Within:

Sheehan will portray a man suffering from Tourette syndrome placed in a residential clinic, where he falls in love with an anorexic woman played by Kravitz. Patel will portray a man with obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Panorama represents the international rights and began selling the project at Cannes.

Source: Variety

Marie (Kravitz) and Vincent steal a doctor’s car, and then kidnap Vincent’s roommate Alex (Patel) after he catches them. The three of them go on a road trip.

Guy J. Louthan, Brent Emery and Troika Pictures’ Bradley Gallo, Robert L. Stein and Michael Helfant will produce the film, which begins shooting July 1 in Los Angeles.

Source: The Wrap

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