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You will be able to buy The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones on DVD and Blu-ray from 3 December according to The HD Room. Sony has released information including the cover-art and the multiple special features that will be available. These include deleted scenes, cast interviews, featurettes and a music video. The Blu-ray edition will have exclusive interviews and featurettes.

Amazon.com is offering a DVD and Blu-ray combo at a discounted price. Check out the deal here.

In other news, IMDbPro have tweeted that they received word that Robert has signed to WME. WME is an agency known to host actors such as Hugh Jackman, Amy Adams and Christian Bale.

DEBRA Ireland have tweeted that Robert will be participating in EB Awareness International Week on the 25 October.

Check out their site to find out what this involves and how you can join in.

Source: The HD Room | DEBRA Ireland

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I added this recent HQ photoshoot to the gallery:


This post is made in a collaboration with MC of Robert Sheehan Source. We worked hard to put this together, and now we can finally present to you this amazing HQ shoot. We hope you enjoy them:)

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A new interview with Robert reveals his thoughts about doing 3 series of Love/Hate:

Though viewers of Love/Hate were devastated when his character was killed off in the finale of series three, Robert Sheehan says the show’s creator had actually prepared for the actor to leave the series earlier, so sure was everyone that the Laois native would be moving on to bigger and brighter things.

“Stuart Carolan, having finished the second one, said, ‘Well, we’ve lost you now, haven’t we?’ And my representation and the people around me were all saying that two series was enough and we should leave it. But I wanted to see what they’d do with the third series, and Stuart’s enthusiasm is just infectious. He got me really excited about doing a third series. So it was a no-brainer, and I was delighted to be in it. But there was an understanding that three series would be it. I’m glad I got to go out on a high. It’s an amazing show.

On the subject of the Mortal Instruments:

Sheehan says that the prospect of starring in a couple of blockbuster movies was part of the project’s appeal.

“I did love the script, there was a great sense of adventure about it, so I chased it feverishly. But yeah, maybe there was a part of me thinking I wanted to do a big, exciting movie that could maybe be turned into a series of movies. That’d be immense.”

He also talked about filming Anita B and arguing with director Roberto Faenza:

The Italian film-maker is known for his weighty political dramas rather than his people skills, as Robert discovered.

“Yeah, he’s not exactly an actor’s director! He’s quite an odd character, to be honest with you. He kicked me out of a scene once! We were always arguing – well, challenging each other, anyway – and we had some heated interactions. So I had one disagreement when I thought I knew what my character would do in one scene and he threw a tantrum and kicked me out. I mean, it was the end of the day and I was being unhelpful. He’s an intense guy. He just has very set ideas about things. Originally, he wanted the film to be called Welcome To Freedom, which is just so tacky and overt, but thankfully we convinced him to change it!”

Source: Hot Press

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Pictures from Madrid premiere of The Mortal Instruments:


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